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What is a Form D1?

A driving license is a very important document in a lot of ways. Not only does this provide people with the affirmation of driving across public roads, but it also holds legal dominance. Someone who wishes to get a driving license for driving their car across the country must fill out Form D1. Form D1 takes up all the necessary information that is required to process a driving license application.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has developed Form D1 to make the driving application an easier process. This form comes quite handy for people who already have or have a driving license under their belt.

Information Required on a Form D1

Form D1 is quite comprehensive, where it takes up all the necessary information required from a UK resident to confirm their identity. While adding all-important clauses that are important to clarify the objective for applying, there is a diverse set of information asked throughout Form D1. If you are looking to fill out Form D1, you need to make yourselves aware of the information to be provided.

  • Details of the applicant include their name, other titles, gender, date of birth, previous UK Driver Number, and address details. Include the official email address and consistent phone number in the details.
  • State the name of any other EC or EEA country that the applicant has resided in. If the applicant is non-British, details of arriving in the UK need to be provided.
  • State the need for the license, along with the date from which the applicant wishes to start the license date.
  • State any organ that the applicant wishes to donate if they die.
  • Provide details of the previous license, including confirmation if the applicant has been disqualified as a driver, either in the UK or any other country. Add the expiration date of the previous license.
  • Fill out any of the provided options if the applicant has some special health conditions.
  • Confirm the identity by providing a set of documents that are stated within the form.
  • Have your photograph signed by an individual involved with the Post Office in some way. The person should also know you for two years. Add the details of the individual that is signing the photograph.
  • Complete the document checklist and sign the document.

How to Fill Out a Form D1?

An applicant looking forward to filling out Form D1 should follow these steps, which comprehensively provide the user with a clear direction.

Step 1: Fill out your details and provide all relevant data. Inform if the address has been changed from where your last license was issued.

d1 form dvla

Step 2: State if you have been out in any EC or EEA country for the last 12 months. Provide details when you came to live within the UK.

Step 3: Fill out the checkboxes about your eyesight and state the required license. Tick any of the licenses which explain the objective, such as Provisional, Replacement, Duplicate, Exchange, or Renew.

Step 4: State if you wish to have any of your organs donated after your death.

d1 form dvla

Step 5: Provide the previous license details. Confirm if your previous license was a photocard or a paper license. Following this, mention if you have been disqualified as a driver in the UK or any other country. Provide the expiration date of the previous license.

Step 6: Tick any of the boxes that explains any of your medical conditions. If you have previously provided this medical condition, fill out questions about its current situation.

Step 7: Confirm your identity by providing relevant documents as mentioned in the document. Tick all those documents that are included in the application.

Step 8: Get someone from the Post Office or related to sign your photograph. Fill out their identity details along with their signature.

d1 form dvla

Step 9: Fill out the document checklist and sign the form to complete it.

Who Needs a Form D1?

Several individuals are required to fill out Form D1, considering the condition of their previous license. Form D1 is not a simple form that issues a driving license; this form is dedicated to re-applying people to issue a new license. However, different types of applicant need a Form D1 which are stated as follows:

  • Applicants who are 16 and wish to drive a car.
  • People who want to change their license as a replacement due to a change in their name or address.
  • People look for a duplicate of their previous license since it has been lost, defaced, or destroyed for unnecessary reasons.
  • Applicants who wish to exchange their license due to a set of different reasons.
  • People who want to renew their license.

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